MyPi the 2 watt server                             This unit is a Raspberry Pi 2(900mhz) with jessie OS and a 32gb micro SD card with no fan        settings help

MyPi uses the Linux operating system, if you have experience in Linux or the raspberry pi then you can use the windows remote desktop connection to administer and update your MyPi or you can use the basic config programs listed below.

setup MyPi Setup is a web based system administrator for the MyPi, you can use this program to set up your sub domain name and OS Sim settings. This site also has all the MyPi help plus instructions for a reinstall and set up of all programs in the MyPi. also the default user names and passwords are shown here for the programs installed on the MyPi that need them like Users, Webmin and PhpMyAdmin.

Store MyPi Shop is the MyPi place to get micro SD cards and extras for the MyPi.

webmin Webmin is a web based system administrator for the MyPi Linux system, you can use this program to set up all your server and network settings for the apache server(web server), for the samba server(windows networking), create and edit cron jobs(Tasks) and many more things.

phpmyadmin PhpMyAdmin is a web based MySQL database editor and administrator, this allows you to add, delete and edit tables, also take back ups and import tables.

weblizer Webalizer displays your website traffic, tells you what pages are viewed and how many times.

GPIO GPIO Programming Basic GPIO programmer to get you use to the GPIO before you get into writing your own python programs to use it, most baisc tasks can be done with this from simple heating controls to controling servos

os sim OpenSimYour sim is offline you can click the icon on the left to start it or you can either use the raspberry pi keyboard and screen or remote desktop connection to log onto the MyPi and run the OS sim server, this does not start at boot, log on as pi and click the OS sim icon in the raspberry pi screen to start the sim server.

help Help Basic help for the MyPi.